Forgoten flowers

Once forgotten flowers, now unforgettable scents

What if we told you we brought back the pieces of Mother Nature? Flowers that were once forgotten, have now been transformed into unforgettable scents. We present our Forgotten Flowers fragrances: Mélilot, Barbotine and Noble Epine, each with an extraordinary story and unique scent.


Discover the Mélilot collection: Discover the stunning blend of fresh green and infectious milky notes, with sweet clover at heart. From shower gel to perfume, immerse yourself in its unique appeal and elevate your senses.

Noble Épine

Noble Épine Collection: Embrace delicate and delicate fragrances, blending the freshness of white hawthorn with fruity and enveloping musky notes. Experience its amazing attraction!


Discover the elegance and charm of Provence. Aromatic freshness, floral chamomile and warm woody notes blend flawlessly, enriched with golden button extract. Elevate your senses with our carefully crafted fragrances, from showers to perfumes, capturing the essence of nature in every drop.



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